We build custom made fiberglass balconies,
stairs and aluminium stair railings in the Ottawa region.

Fiberglass Decks Ottawa

Upgrade your home or office with a deck that’s built to last. At Balcony 2000, we specialize in fiberglass decking for a wide range of clients throughout Ottawa, Gatineau and Buckingham.

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Our Fiberglass Decks – A Beautiful and Permanent Investment

Traditional wood, stone or concrete decks take a pounding from foot traffic and the weather conditions. Many wooden decking and planks are constantly in danger of cracking and rotting.

Balcony 2000 offers an alternative to traditional deck boards – fiberglass decks. They are durable, maintenance-free and made to withstand the demands of the weather conditions. Contact us to learn more about our amazing selection of fiberglass products.

Our Values

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Fiberglass decks are an attractive and durable alternative to traditional wooden decking

Fiberglass Decks Buckingham

Years of Excellence

The Balcony 2000 team has extensive experience in building fiberglass decks of various shapes and styles. Using the latest tools and technologies, we manufacture your decking to the highest industry standards.

Whatever deck design you have in mind, let us know. We provide you with a personalized service that is within your budget requirements. Browse through our online gallery today.

We excel in manufacturing fiberglass decks

Fiberglass Decks Ottawa

A wide variety

of fiberglass decks